Studio Sounds – Nami (Serum Bank)



Studio Sounds is excited to present Nami, a custom Serum preset bank inspired by the sounds of Pierre Bourne & Playboi Carti.

The name “Nami” comes from the Japanese word for “wave”. The goal of this bank was to really capture the unique and at times retro sound of Pierre Bourne and Playboi Carti. Featuring everything from melodic muted bells and plucks, to analog and retro synth inspiration, this bank will deliver a fresh new wave of ideas in your workflow every time.

Each preset also features custom macro controls, allowing the user to take control and easily change or shape any preset to their own personal taste or track needs.

Designed from scratch using custom Noises and Wavetables, you can rest assured that “Nami” will be a unique and absolutely worthy addition to your sound library!

This Bank Includes:

  • Atmospheric Pads
  • Bass
  • Bells
  • FX
  • Groove Pads
  • Hits
  • Keyboards
  • Leads
  • Pads
  • Plucks