Studio Plug – Take Off (MIDI Kit)


TAKE OFF (MIDI KIT) – Mixed, baked and fresh out the oven, Chef plug delivers a nice 50 melodic midi pack master piece to deliver crazy vibes similar to platinum selling artist Trippie Redd, Drake, Metro Boomin, Travis Scott, Lil baby & more!!

These Midis are compatible With All Daw softwares.

What are midi kits? Midi kits contain midi files that are easy to drag and drop onto your vst channel, you will see the piano notes be applied
once the midi file is dropped. Click play and you will hear all the notes play in action. Easily change your vst’s preset to try how the chords
will sound using different instruments. No experience is needed to use midi files and you get to have the piano note sheets from proffessional
pianist. There are a varity of files in one midi kit to choose from so you never have beatblock again.