Splice Sounds – Happyalone (Sound Kit)


Trip-pop trio Happyalone. are emerging masters of entrancing, textural soundscapes. Based in Cork, Ireland, Happyalone.’s style is rooted in the celestial. With help from Spotify’s algorithm, Happyalone.’s “Colours,” had a stint as one of Ireland’s most viral songs, bringing the group to new heights in the Irish music scene. Compared to stalwarts like DJ Shadow, Massive Attack, and Burial, Happyalone.’s Baxter Robot, Slee, and Paperclip premier their own take on all things hypnotic electronic in their first Splice pack. Happyalone. offer samples full of ethereal melodies, layered bass, dynamic drums, and surreal fx — otherworldly, ambient alt-pop sounds. Sounds from an artist sure to take our galaxy by storm, these genre-bending samples play well with others or are Happyalone.