Soul Surplus – Synesthesia (Sample Pack)


This Sample Pack is Royalty Free

When it comes to creating new dimensions and sounds by infusing several different genres of music, there is no debate that the Neptunes (Chad Hugo, and Pharrell Williams) have mastered this art like none other.  In a time when hip hop music had been simplifying itself down to its simplest form, the Neptunes found a way to create smash hits with thick textures and extended seventh chords, all while mixing in distorted rock guitars and cutting lead synth lines.  In our latest sample pack Synesthesia, we not only recreated the three-dimensional sounds and moods of the Neptunes, but the angst and high energy alternative rock sound of Neptunes spinoff “N*E*R*D”.  This sample pack is absolutely a must-cop if you’re looking to round out your arsenal of sounds with something a bit more eclectic and alternative.  The loops we have created on “Synesthesia” really pop out of the monitors in a good way where you can practically “see the sounds” as you’re playing them.  Try pairing Synesthesia with our Composed Rhythm Drum Pack for the true and authentic Skateboard P sound! Available now!