ProdbyJack – Analog Colours (Omnisphere Bank)


Over 50 presets inspired by Retro Analog Synths and real Instruments all put together inside omnisphere.

This kit contains 6 Bells, 1 Flute, 1 FX, 4 Guitars, 6 Keys, 7 Leads, 1 Music Box, 1 Organ, 1 Pad, 10 Plucks, 8 Synths, 4 Synth Bass and 1 Vocal.

Only compatible with omnisphere 2.6 and above, treat yourself to one of the best expansions for Omnisphere. All sounds were designed by ProdbyJack & MG including all 3rd party sound sources and effect chains. Listen to the previews before buying to hear the different styles of production this kit can work with.