BeatsByEmani – Drums In Red (Drum Kit)


Focusing on punchy snares, 99% of the beats I did from 2016-2017 used sounds from Drums In Red. All the sounds were carefully chopped from breaks and thoroughly processed to give them warmth and punch
When making Drums In Red, I emulated the signal chains and sound profiles of J Dilla and Jake One. If you’re looking to make boom bap and East Coast styles of Hip-Hop, this kit is for you!
A couple beats Drums In Red was used in:
-Baduizm (Sidestick & Hi Hats)
-Black Orpheus (Snare, Hi Hats & FX)
-Between Friends (Snares & Hi Hats)

16 Kicks

21 Snares
21 Hi Hats
3 Percussion
22 FX
83 Sounds total